The expertise of C2EI comes at 3 key steps of an industrial project : 

• Innovation : industrial design, R&D, technical and technological partners network

• Production : conception of prototypes, CAD, manufacturing standard and specific products and solutions

• Deployment : industrialization thanks to our modern industrial and control means

A continued focus on Quality, Safety and Environment

ISO 9001 Certification since 1999
ROHS Conformity since July 2006
ISO 14001 Certification since 2010
Cluster Tenerrdis member since 2010

our know-how in innovation

Design & Engineering

C2EI provides to its customers its expertise in designing and manufacturing of specific products responding to the environmental, quality and safety requirements of their market.

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Research & Development

C2EI can count on electromagnetism skills of the experts based in the technological center of Grenoble, combined with our CAD software.

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Partners Network

Member of the Tenerrdis cluster, C2EI relies on the skills of its network to provide to its clients innovative solutions.

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French Manufacturing & Sustainability

Citizen enterprise, C2EI integrates sustainable development in the production of its transformers.

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Expert for 40 years in manufacturing transformer

From electronics signal to power electronics

C2EI is the expert in Low Voltage Electrical Transformation.

For 40 years, C2EI does master all technics about designing and manufacturing any kind of coils and transformers :

  • from winding to plating,
  • from soldering to varnishing
  • through cabling, terminal assembly and molding possibly.

Mastering these occupations is made easier thanks to a brand new and performing tooling as well as a highky skilled and experienced staff used to listening to your specifc needs.

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  • Airport
  • Electronics & Automation
  • Energy conversion
  • Industrial equipments
  • Machine Tool
  • Marine
  • Medical
  • Railway
  • Renewable energies
  • Robotics
  • Textile


TEL. 33(0)4 76 98 39 09
FAX. 33(0)4 76 98 74 26